Motivation is a source of importance when it comes to keeping the energy to peak condition in any kind of work, whether you’re exercising or cooking up some delicious food.

Salespeople need motivation in order to retail their top sales talents and making your company of the best around. Now i bet you’re wondering “how do i motivate my sales team?”. The answer is quite simple really, there are two principles that have been proven to work effectively in motivating salespeople: appreciation and motivation. These two are often overlooked due to the execution taking time and attention.

Here are seven tips that shall guarantee success in motivating your sales team.

P.S. Did you know that sales is the role with the highest burnout rate?

Be Specific with the words you use to motivate your team

Plenty of sales managers will comment to their salespeople, “nice job on the XYZ account.” If a sales manager really wants there words to have an impact with the salesperson, make sure its specific about what’s so “nice” about the work. For instance, “

I really appreciate your capability on reading the customer quite well. I’ve noticed that you really have the talent for gaining the internal team full support on your cause.

I know you will always work at this place with full of integrity.” When its comes down to being specific, salespeople will come to the realization that are watching them and are paying attention to their work, instead of simply faking politeness on their accomplishments.

Words are powerful as we know in sales. Not only for closing clients but for retaining employees as well.

2. Sprints

Sprints is one of the the most effective ways to keep a team focused and motivated. Instead of having them send out 100 prospect emails a day, have your SDRs send out 15 effective ones per hour in a focused sprint mode. Then allow them to take a break or go for a walk to relax afterwards.

When I was running growth for another startup, our CEO would host monthly “hack days”. No these aren’t days where the engineering team comes up with side projects, but days where there’s a team goal to achieve. Like for example, who can drive more traffic to a certain blog post. The winner would get $200 or a free dinner or something along the lines of that.

The prize isn’t the thing that matters the most, but it’s the fun environment that keeps things going!


Everyone thrives on recognition in this world, especially those who work as your salespeople. Don’t make their success a simple private event. Drive the point in by complimenting your salespeople in front of colleagues, customers, and their fellow team members.

Public recognition can go a really long way. If you have a salesperson gaining some amazing feedback from clients, ask customers to write down a testimonial letter. This is a win-win situation for both sides. The first victory is the feeling of importance and appreciation felt by that salesperson. Secondly, this win shall be for the customer themselves.

Just think about how much inspiration this salesperson will be filled with when it comes to working for this particular client.

That’s why there are so many tools out there for sales people to “ring the gong” and applaud their team members for the good work!

5. Make the salesperson a mentor

This lines up perfectly with public recognition. When you have a salesperson that continues to produce some excellent work, don’t keep it hidden.

Turn some parts of the sales meeting over to the salesperson and allow them to educate and train the rest of the sales team on the best methods. The salesperson will become recognized as their expertise and the message will often come from their own peers, who are also in the same space.

It also further motivates fellow team members in becoming ‘experts’ themselves so they can appear on the next meeting agenda. Give them a chance to feel proud of themselves and motivate others around them.

6. Feedback

Don’t hesitate on the last moment to give them a compliment or feedback. Two week later simply does nothing but generate the very same response as a quick recognition of positive attitude, problem solving or closing down deals.

Feedbacks can make anyone feel happy, but negative feedbacks aren’t always bad either. 8 out of 10 sales professionals that we interviewed actually said that negative feedback boosts their motivation level.

If the sales person is a true hustler, he would take negative feedback and make it positive to improve himself.

7. The right tools

A typical SDR spends their entire day prospecting. We all know list building, prospecting, following up and cold calling is repetitive. When things get repetitive, people lose motivation and start to feel burnt.

Introduce your sales team to new tools to make their life easier. For example, I bet if you ask any SDR on your team right now, “What if I could provide you a list of 200 accurate, targeted, and well researched leads for you to prospect on? Would that help you out?”

I’m 100% certain that every single SDR will say, “Yes!” or more..”Hell yeahh”. Equipping your sales team with the proper tools and solutions that can accelerate their process will help you a ton in the long run.

Well I hope that helped all the sales managers out there! If you’re tired of pulling your hair out because of terrible lead sources and lead quality, then reach out to us at GrowthOK. We’ll get you high-quality leads that work.

Author: Wilson

Wilson is a 3x entrepreneur and founder of GrowthOK. He loves and breathe entrepreneurship, growth, sales, and has a strong passion for crypto and blockchain related topics. You can follow him on Twitter @itswilson8

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