In this article, I’m going to go over 9 quick tips and tricks to improve your lead generation.

Limiting Supplies

If you take the time to look up the principle of supply and demand, you should carefully notice when supply is limited, demand tends to skyrocket. The scarcity of items tend to affect us in a psychological manner, making sure we want said items even more if there’s not much to spread around. Limited supply tends to create a great source of urgency due to the fear of shortage.

Limited Time Offers.
This is one of the most popular and well known methods when it comes to a creating a limited supply and demand. Think of it as those special rare deals on a car or clothing, gain a lower percentage of the items before time runs off!.

The Bandwagon.
It’s not unusual to see people copy other or create something resembling other popular items in today’s market, it’s all part of what makes humans social creatures after all. So when one member of group sees another of its group member pulling off one thing, everyone else tends to follow suit. One of the best ways to make an offer even more valuable is to show off others committing themselves to the offer. One of the best ways to show off the effectiveness of one’s own items is to show off the numbers of people who have purchased, downloaded, registered, or donated to the cause.

Leverage Hijacking.
When something becomes hyped beyond belief, it has the tendency of generated high demand. During a situation such as this, you can line up offers with what’s currently “hot”. Companies tend to leverage newsjacking during this kind of phenomenon and it has worked very well during these kind of offers as well. one example would be during the hype of Prince williams and Katie Middleton marriage during 2011. Just hours after the marriage was finalized, vendors had begun to sale near-identical dresses that where fashioned in the same style as the one worn by Katie herself. Even famous vendors began to sale these “royal” dresses in their stores. so upcoming brides made can be just like Katie.

The Importance of Creating An Outstanding Title.
A great man once said “ You can have one of the most amazing offers around with an awful title and no one will even give it a glance, but if you have an outstanding offer, suddenly everyone wants to acquire it.” While most people tend to state that they don’t judge a book by its cover, that doesn’t make it completely true. If you offer someone some sort of content, whether its a flyer, book, or presentation, make sure to giving it an eye-catching title.

Developing Various Offers for Different Purchasing Stages.
As everyone should understand, buyers will most likely do their very own research before deciding to engage a sales representative, after all not everyone is prepared to talk about the prospect of a sale. Some people may take more time than other to get ready. This is why its important to lay down different offers at various purchasing cycles. Someone in the higher tier may be far more interested in something knowledgeable such as or guide. Meanwhile, someone in the lower tier is more likely to be interested in a demo or free trial run. You don’t have to stress out on which to choose, simply lay down some offers for each tier on various pages throughout your website.

Avoid Corporate Lingo.
A professional image is one of the most important things to have in the business world but make sure to stay away from the corporate lingo. Now, what exactly this lingo you ask? Good question. These tend to be buzzwords, terms and phrases, that have been far overused and abused leading to them becoming meaningless ( This appears a lot within the tech-industry). The worlds are normally used to place emphasis on a certain topic but most people will simple sigh at the words.

Placing The CTA Within Plain Sight.
Call-of-Action have better performances when they are placed at a much higher view, in this case being the location in your web page that’s viewable to the user without the necessity of scrolling below. According to analysis, anything that’s placed “below the field” will only have a 50% chance of being seen by people who visit your page. Leading impressions on your CTA can significantly increase your lead count.

Lucidity Over Cajolery.
At times, marketers have the tendency of putting to much unnecessary focus on clever words instead of being clear. Make sure to be absolutely clear on the on what exactly it is your offer on your CTA. And be specific about it. For instance, if you’re planning to give away a free guide of sorts, make sure to state “Download this FREE guide to etc,” The part with etc in it should clearly convey an appealing offer when it comes to accepting this said offer. This will prove to be a more effective manner then a simple “Download” or “ Get a free product”.

There you have it folks, 9 quick tips and tricks for lead generation.

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