The days where sales people have to rely on pen, paper, and a traditional phone line is over. Sales people now have the luxury of equipping themselves with highly productive sales tools that can help them boost their sales process.

In this article, I’ll go over a list of top sales tools for sales team to supercharge their sales process and funnel. Every little thing helps especially when working on bigger deals.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the bread and butter to all sales. No leads means no sales and no leads means nothing in your pipeline. It’s extremely important to always have your pipeline filled up with ready to go leads.

GrowthOK — We have to start the list with us! Lead generation is what we do best and we don’t just help you build a list of random leads with contact information, we go above and beyond to ensure that we get you the most qualified and targeted sales leads along with ANY custom data points that you need. We want to make your lives easier and that’s why we build GrowthOK, to give you the most accurate and updated sales leads possible.

BuiltWith —Builtwith is all about getting you the softwares and apps that companies use. Need a big list of companies that use Shopify? Use Builtwith. Their data isn’t the most updated and doesn’t come with custom contact information, but for the price it’s a steal.

Growbots — Growbots automates the entire outbound sales process to help you generate and tap new sales opportunities from a database of more than 200 million decision makers. Use Growbots to create an ideal customer profile and automatically get a list of screened prospects that fit your criteria. You can then automate and execute an email campaign for warm leads and get closer to your sales goals.

LeadIQ — This tool makes prospecting super easy, especially on LinkedIn. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways for sales teams and recruiters to build lists of contacts through Linkedin. One of the best features is how you can integrate it directly with your salesforce as well.

DataFox — DataFox uses machine learning to sift through thousands of data sources, DataFox identifies new prospects who are likely to respond positively to your message. Enable your reps to accelerate their pipelines, initiate meaningful conversations, and unlock new opportunities. It’s a complete Database.

MatterMark — Been a fan of Mattermark for quite some time. Their platform is quite similar to Datafox and can help you identify potential customers based on advanced filtering such as comopany funding status and more.

LeadGenius– Veterans in the lead generation industry and have made a lot of changes to their products recently. Still a reliable source for sourcing leads at scale.

Outreach and prospecting

You can’t go anywhere without sending out some emails to your leads. This starts with having a good system in place to do this at scale. — Outreach helps you track, pace, analyze and automate your email and voice messages to your customers. By integrating Outreach into your CRM, you’ll never have to manually log your messaging activities and outcomes, freeing more time for you to book more meetings, close deals and make better-informed decisions.

PersistIQ– Knew the team for quite some time and love their product. With Persist, you can upload a list of emails, set your drips, and have everything go on automation. PersistIQ never fails.

Streak– Tired of navigating between tabs to keep track of prospects and their status? With Streak, you can do it all within Gmail. Massive time saver and in additional to that, you can send out mass emails and check their read status directly in your gmail account.

SalesLoft– SalesLoft provides sales organizations the ability to build, share, and execute on their pattern of sales steps across email, phone, and social. They help sellers make more connections and close more business. Real-time email tracking helps teams respond to buying signals, and the integrated dialer allows users to dial, log, and record calls from anywhere. SalesLoft integrates with over 35 other sales technology vendors.

Engagio — Engagio focuses on account-based sales, providing a suite of account-based sales solutions that can do amazing things like pull data from CRM and then analyze them to help you improve your sales funnel.

Analytic tools

Domo- Domo isn’t just for sales teams, but for your entire business. Domo crunches data across all your teams and departments to provide statistical analyses and actionable insights capable of moving the needle on every metric that matters. The visualizations in this tool is amazing and you can customize it however you like.

Geckoboard — My favorite feature about this app is the Geckoboard’s live TV dashboard that displays the mantra and metrics that matter. Use it to monitor real time performance and goals. Monitor key performance indicators and make critical adjustments in real time. Prevent distractions and keep team members focused on achieving high performance.

InsightSquared — InsightSquared processes business intelligence into actionable insight to help move the needle on sales team performance. InsightSquared takes in data from your CRM and generates reports and visualizations that help you make smart decisions. It uses a lot of learning in the background to process data and help your team close more deals.

Ringlead– RingLead eliminates duplicates in your sales team’s pipeline by automatically checking data quality upon manual entry, web form submission or data imports. We all know how painful it can be to filter out duplicates and things along the line of that. With Ringlead, you’ll never need to do that again.

Tableau- Another veteran in the sales software field. Tableau is easy to deploy, customize, learn and use. Tableau outputs are presented in a way that taps people’s natural abilities to discern patterns or trends. Tableau works as a desktop app which is what I love as it can run directly on your computer.


Communication is the most important thing when it comes to sales. You have to have a way to connect with your prospects and teammates.

Gong — Gong uses AI technology that will automatically records and transcribes sales calls, then generates actionable analyses and insight on how your team can improve their pitches.

Zoom — Zoom is a conference tool loved by sales teams. I use it sometime myself and love it. It allows you to easily send a link to anyone and they can join the conference call. There’s no better way to communicate with a potential customer than through Zoom.

GoToMeeting — GoToMeeting is a veteran in the field and mainly known for their conference and webinar tool. GoToMeeting to facilitate real-time online meetings and share information/experiences/presentations via their desktops (i.e., screen sharing).

For frontline sales professionals, engaging prospects within a stable and supportive channel is a crucial requirement for successful outcomes. Use GoToMeeting to invite prospects, domain experts, and referrals from any location and get all of them focused on your message.

Skype– Free and old school, but updated frequently. My most used communication tool when it comes to communicating with clients and more.

ExecVision — ExecVision enables your team to revisit their sales calls and identify factors that dampen their pitch and elements that boost their win rates. You can use ExecVision for call analysis, coaching, A/B Testing, and growth hacking.


There are A LOT more sales tools out there such as AI tools and tools that can help your sales teams become more aligned with the marketing team, but these are the most basic to start with. If you’re looking for a good CRM, check out the CRM article from this blog.

If you’re looking for highly qualified and targeted sales leads that convert and won’t bounce, check out GrowthOK

Author: Wilson

Wilson is a 3x entrepreneur and founder of GrowthOK. He loves and breathe entrepreneurship, growth, sales, and has a strong passion for crypto and blockchain related topics. You can follow him on Twitter @itswilson8

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