Different roles and levels of seniority require different kinds of messaging. One of the most important concept to understand when it comes to cold emailing is understanding the role that the prospect plays in the sales process. Similarly, your product will seem to serve a different purpose depending on the seniority of the prospect.

The best salespeople understand these differentiating factors and know how to adapt their messaging appropriately.

The first thing you should figure out is the correct messaging for who you are trying to reach. Are you selling a product/service to a whole marketing team or are you aiming for a specific person/role?

In this article, I’ll breakdown the main roles and how you should change your cold email message based on it:

Approaching VPs

  1. First you have to know the company size as well. This can be simply done through searching on Linkedin or Crunchbase. This matters because a VP at a bigger company as a starting point will be A LOT more difficult than approaching a smaller company.
  2. If it does come to a bigger company (enterprise sales etc.) try prospecting to a lower role first.
  3. Going for a VP or a manager level person is viable because they might “hand” or “pass” you to the director/manager and it makes your sales process a lot easier when this happens because it’s through an “internal referral”

Let’s take a look at your messaging for VPs:

  • How will your product aid their yearly strategy and overall vision?
  • How will your product or service save them time?
  • These contacts will specifically want to hear about how your product will make their yearly goals easier to obtain or lower their yearly costs
  • They will be the most interested in how your product will impact their teams financially, so show them how they will experience a strong ROI

Approaching Manager/Director Levels

This is a bit different because managers/directors have different goals than the VCs. Your messaging should be different for these levels:

  • How will your product help their team reach their individual goals to add to the manager’s success?
  • Think about their pain points and how you can alleviate some of their stress
  • How will your product make them and their team look good?
  • How will your product make them look good as an individual in terms of achieving growth rates etc.

Approaching reps or lower level employees

You should have two goals in mind when approaching lower level employees such as reps:

  1. Have them escalate and pass it onto their manager/director
  2. Make their lives easier.

Your messaging:

  • Your messaging will be about how your product will make their lives easier
  • They will also want to hear about how simple it will be to implement your solution and how strong your customer service will be
  • How it can help them hit their individual goals or quota

The best way to do this would be to test different levels of prospect in a company and find one that fits your service.

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Author: Wilson

Wilson is a 3x entrepreneur and founder of GrowthOK. He loves and breathe entrepreneurship, growth, sales, and has a strong passion for crypto and blockchain related topics. You can follow him on Twitter @itswilson8

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