This is a Q&A with Sid Bharath, who led the growth team for Thinkific for two years. During his time at Thinkific, Sid was able to achieve over 2000% growth using strategic partnership and influencer webinars.

In this quick interview, Sid goes over what worked and what didn’t work during his time at Thinkific. Hope everyone enjoys it!

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1. Hey Sid! Thanks for doing this Q&A, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ve been working on?
Thanks for inviting me to this, Wilson! I’m a SAAS marketing consultant. I help software companies scale up rapidly through various services, such as strategy consulting and ad management.
2. Previously, you spent two years at Thinkific as their Head of Growth, what was your main focus over there?
Yes, I was one of the early employees (number 8 I think) and my mandate was to grow our customers base and MRR. Back then we had a handful of customers but we grew rapidly over the next two years to a mid seven-figure business with over 70 employees. The marketing team grew as well as I hired people to run various channels in our marketing arsenal.
3. What growth hacks worked well and what didn’t? Please mention a few!
We tried a lot of things. One of the initial successes were running ads on Google to people searching for our more popular competitors. Partner webinars was a good one, and we ran an online summit as well that brought in thousands of leads. One really cool thing we did for many of our campaigns was to attach a contest to them. Getting people to share after they’d signed up for a PDF or summit helped us boost leads on those campaigns.
One thing that didn’t work was sponsoring events. We didn’t see any additional benefit from being a title sponsor vs attending the event and networking with people there. Hosting dinners at these events allowed us to connect with many people at the same time.
4. You previously mentioned in another interview that partnership was a key success in growth for Thinkific. Could you explain to us some of the processes behind that?
Yeah our partnerships with other software companies and influencers was a huge key to success. The idea was that our potential customers are already following other people online, and using other softwares. If we could get those people and softwares to talk about us, we’ll get in front of that audience.
So we connected with some of the biggest names in the industry and ran webinars with them. They tell their audience that we had a free online workshop on how to create courses. Then, on the webinar, we’d get them to sign up for the platform. We tried to book as many webinars as possible because they always worked.
5. Were there any tools or apps that you used to automate the outreach process for influencer outreach and partnerships?
Yes, while much of this process is about relationship building (which means getting on calls or meeting people at events), we did try to automate some stuff, or at least use tools to help us manage the process. We used Pipedrive to manage our contacts, Demio to host the webinar, Mailchimp to automate emails, and Unbounce to create landing pages. We also had email templates for everything, from outreach, to swipe copy, to webinar reminders, to bonus offerings.
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6. What’s a typical day in life for you?
Right now, as an independent consultant, it’s pretty flexible. I go to the gym in the morning and then I’m doing client work during the day. That could be getting on a weekly strategy call for one, or writing some new ad copy for another. Sometimes I work from home, and other times from a cafe. In the evenings I’m unwinding by meeting friends, networking, or taking a class like martial arts.
7. What are some of your favorite growth hacking tools?
8. What’s one advice you will give to someone that’s just looking to get into growth (learning resources etc.)
Honestly, the best way is to just do. Go and grow something. Grow your social media presence. Or start a blog and grow that. Or join a company and help them grow.
Growth marketing is like football. You can’t just read a book or watch a video and become good at it. You have to practice it to become good.
9. Any favorite blogs, books, or courses?
I don’t follow any specific blogs. I usually just read what’s trending on Growthhackers, or what Hiten Shah puts in his emails. Most of the other stuff I read aren’t exactly about marketing. I read emails and books about entrepreneurship, business, finance, and psychology. I’m also thinking of taking a course on AI.
10. Where can our readers contact you?
You can find contact me at my website –
I’m also on LinkedIn –
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