One question I get a lot, especially on calls with people that need lead generation is “how do I know who I’m selling to?”

Or clients will give a profile of a customer and it won’t be detailed enough to generate leads for.

What I want to do today is run through 3 companies from the INC 5000 list — companies in 3 extremely different industries, and show you what those ideal client profiles look like.

Use these as inspiration for your own profiles, or when you fill out our onboarding form.

The three companies we’ll be going over today are:

  • Scopely — marketing for game developers
  • — social network for companies (similar to Zenefits)
  • Xoom Energy — energy savings to businesses

Let’s start at the top..

Scopely: Lead Generation for Services

The guide we’ll be using for this entire post will be the lead generation onboarding form — this is the same form all of our clients fill out when they sign up for GrowthOK

What type of leads are you targeting?

This is the first question you want to ask.

For Scopely, they’d target:

  • Touchscreen game developers
  • That have at least one free app in the app store
  • Listed in top downloads but not in the top money making list

I chose that is because Scopely provides marketing services for games. If you have a free to play game in the app store, they help you figure out how to monetize it.

The second question is:

What are you selling to these leads?

Scopely is selling marketing, analytics, ads, quality assurance and community management.

When doing this exercise yourself, you want to think about exactly what your product is, from a feature point of view, and write it in the shortest most direct way possible.

Even more important when selling to leads is the answer to the next question:

What is one example of benefit that these prospects will use your product or service for?

Basically this is “what can you do to help” the people we’re reaching out to.

What Scopely does is helps clients better monetize free apps.

Now that we have the info, a cold email could say:

“Hey, we’re Scopely and we help you better monetize free apps.”

If you send a message like that to the target above, you’re going to get a hit almost every time.

The final lead generation question is:

What’s an example of a perfect lead?

We ask all our clients to list either a past or prospective client that perfectly matches the criteria. If you can find at least one here, it means answering the above questions was helpful.

If not — I’d go back and rework your answers.

The perfect lead for Scopely would be the Director of Marketing or Founder at a company like Autumn Games. They do game development for a bunch of different free to play applications, and would make a great strategic partner.

You could also find any number of companies like this in the iTunes App Store, which is why we went into so much detail in the first question.

If I told you to find me touchscreen game developers that have at least one free app in the App Store on the top downloads but not on the money making list, all you’d have to do is make a list of the apps in the top downloads, and a second list of the apps in top money making and compare them to find all the leads.

That’s how you’d lead gen for a marketing company. Onto the next one… Lead generation for B2B SaaS

This company has the name “Company,” which I’m sure the founders are really proud of. Must have been quite the bidding war on that domain.

Company does a bunch of stuff. They have:

  • A social platform
  • Search engine optimization
  • Hiring support
  • A business directory

But the thing that stood out the most was one called Company.payroll and the site describes it like this:

“Improve operational efficiency, reduce your risk of errors, and provide protection from penalties due to late or incorrect filings.”

That sounds extremely useful for businesses. Here’s the ideal client profile I came up with:

What type of leads are you targeting?

They want to target small to medium sized businesses with 25+ employees, that have a director of HR on staff, and have over $10 million in revenue.

The reason I chose this for is because you want to find buying signals.

A company with over 25 employees is probably going to have payroll issues. I want to make sure they have a director of HR on staff because that means these leads aren’t just small family businesses.

If they have an HR director, a company is most likely scaling and trying to deal with issues related to hiring, payroll, etc — all things that fixes.

I picked over $10 million dollars in revenue because it’ll mean they pay employees a decent wage, and can afford to use for benefits.

Two things to consider when coming up with your ideal client profile:

  • Do they have the money to pay you?
  • What signals is a company going to publish online, that indicate they’re ready to buy immediately?

What are you selling to these leads?

“A social network designed for businesses that allows them to connect with their customers and grow through partnerships, promotions, collaboration, and referrals.

This one is full of technical jargon and features, and for this type of company not that important.

The more important question is:

What is one example of benefit that these prospects will use your product or service for?

For, the benefit for this product is that they:

“Reduce penalties on payroll filings, this save companies money.”

If a company is filing payroll, they might have penalties and this app will help them reduce it.

An email could read:

“Hey, I’m from and we built this app that’s going to help you reduce payroll penalties by fixing a few common errors — which will save a bunch of money. Do you want to talk further?”

That would get responses.

What’s an example of a perfect lead?

The director of HR at GoDaddy would be a great lead for them.

They’ve got a huge, probably deal with payroll issues or expenses, and would get a lot of value from Company.payroll, if they’re not already customers of them.

That’s how you’d generate leads if you were SaaS.

Now moving into a third industry:

Xoom: Lead gen for offline businesses

What xoom does is energy plan reduction. They help businesses owners find cheaper energy solutions all around the USA.

They work with other energy companies to find the best rates. They work with both B2B and B2B, but we’ll focus on the business aspect only because InspireBeats only generates B2B leads.

Here we go..

What type of leads are you targeting?

We’ll want to target business owners with over $3,000 a month in electricity bills, in cities where xoom operates, and average electricity cost is higher than X dollars.

The $3,000 a month is a made up number that would change depending on whatever city we target, and what the folks at xoom identify based on past clients.

We’re targeting business owners because they’re the people who are plugged into exactly what the energy cost is — especially at smaller companies.

I want to target a specific number for the energy spend because if a company has $3,000 in electricity where the average energy cost is higher than what xoom provides, you can tell how much electricity they’re using, and whether xoom could actually save them money.

These are the customers that would instantly find value in xoom’s product.

Back to buying signals: find publicly available information for your company — that shows that your leads are ready to buy.

What are you selling to these leads?

“Electricity and natural gas service including variable, fixed and renewable products”

More important than that is..

What is one example of benefit that these prospects will use your product or service for?

Xoom energy helps business owners save on energy costs.

Great benefit.

What’s an example of a perfect lead?

The director of operations at WeWork Labs — a coworking space with locations all over the united states — would be a great fit for xoom.

They’ve got buildings all over NYC, so they’re using a lot of energy, which means a lot of potential savings.

Also, Xoom sells energy so any type of manufacturing, car washes, refrigerators, server farms would work. And they all would spend over $3,000 a month in electricity bills.

If you have any questions on what to put into your profile, just fill out the contact form on GrowthOK and one of our guys will be in touch.

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