Influencer marketing isn’t a new concept, matter of fact it’s one of the most powerful marketing strategies for B2C and upcoming brands.

You can spend hours a day trying to optimize your landing pages, optimizing Facebook ads, and finding new growth channels to grow your brand, but one shoutout from an influencer can 100x your brand and make you go viral.

The only major downside with influencer outreach is that it takes a lot of time and manual work. Sure, there are tools that can help you locate these influencers, but it’s still difficult to find their contact information and the right data points you need in order to automate your influencer outreach process.

The power of lead generation services

One of the biggest misconception about lead generation is that it is only meant for B2B sales and partnerships, but that isn’t true. B2c and brands can actually leverage the power of lead generation services for supercharging their influencer outreach process.

Let’s talk about some of the things that a lead generation or data enrichment service can help.

Start with knowing your audience

A common mistake brands and agencies make is to decide first the type of influencers they would like to work with. We recommend stepping back and looking at your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Who is the target market for your message?

What defines an influencer for you? How many followers do they have? How much do they charge for a shoutout? There’s a lot more that you need to consider when your creating your ideal audience, but those are the basic.

This requires a lot of manual research work. This is where the power of lead generation and data enrichment services kick in.

You can use an outsourced data enrichment service like GrowthOK to help you find those influencers and you can also request custom data points to make your research process easier.

Using lead generation services for finding contact info

Now that you’ve defined an ideal target, you need to be able to find their contact information.

Sure, you can manually message everyone on Twitter or Youtube and hope for a response, but email is still the most effective way for a one to one communication.

This is where lead generation services/products can help. With a high-quality and reliable lead generation service, you’ll be able to give them the target that you defined earlier and have them find you their email along with other contact information that you may need for your influencer outreach.

Using data enrichment services to find personalized information about the influencer

Just sending a generic email doesn’t work nowadays. You have to be everywhere and you have to personalized. This is why it is important that you have all the information that you need before reaching out to the influencer.

With a reliable data enrichment service, you can give them a list of influencers and have them enrich it with data that you need. For example, you might have a list of Youtube channels with a lot of subscribers within your niche, but you might want to know more about the individual hosting the show.

You can define the data points that you need and have the data enrichment company enrich the lead information.

Having a lead generation service build the influencer list for you

We all know that list building can take hours per day. As a marketer, you might need to focus on other things, so list building is the last thing you want to spend your time on.

This is where a lead generation service can benefit you a lot. You can ask the company of your choice to build a targeted list of influencers for your company.

If the lead generation company is good, they should allow you to define any type of target and allow you to filter out the influencers based on the target that you provide them with.

In addition to that, you should be able to request custom data points that you need to make your influencer outreach campaign a success.


I tried to keep this article as short as possible but there are a lot of other ways you can supercharge your influencer outreach strategy with the help of a solid lead generation companies.

If you’re looking for help with coming up with leads and need help with influencer outreach, feel free to reach out to us at GrowthOK

Author: Wilson

Wilson is a 3x entrepreneur and founder of GrowthOK. He loves and breathe entrepreneurship, growth, sales, and has a strong passion for crypto and blockchain related topics. You can follow him on Twitter @itswilson8

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