The word “Help” is one of the most powerful words out there that people don’t tend to use. The word, help, could be used to close deals, grow your business, build partnerships, understand more about your customers, and many other use cases that can help you and your business growth.

I’m going to keep this article as short as possible, but I’ll get straight to the point.

Before diving deep into the article, just keep in mind that you should make it a natural habit to add this word to your sales calls, cold emails etc.

Let’s get into it!

Asking for help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help and it is something that everybody from all experience levels should do. People always say that mentorship is key to success and asking for help is the best way to start receiving mentorship.

Asking for help can also help you close sales deals. For example, you could ask one of your existing customer to help you refer another potential client that you might have in mind. A lot of our customers come from existing customer referral, but most of the time people won’t just randomly tell their friends to use your product, you have to ask for it. We simply send out an email saying,

“Hey, how are things coming along? I hope you and your team are having fun with the leads that we are sending in. I also noticed that you know Jeremy from Company A. We think that he could benefit from our services as well. Would you mind helping us out and sending an introduction?”

Asking for help can help you close a deal as well as help you accelerate your personal learning process.

I self taught how to code in the past, but it took a very long time, mainly because I would get burnt out and lose motivation. Most of the time I would spend hours a day searching on Google or Stackoverflow for an answer. Sure, I was able to solve the problem most of the time within a few days, but life would have been easier if I just asked for help.

Help me out here

In the past, I’ve tried sending a lot of emails, surveys, skype messages etc. to clients asking them about their thoughts on our service/product. Half of the time, people just ignore your survey or form request. I then tried to use the line

“Help me out here, we’re a young company and we’re looking for ways we could improve our services. Could you please help me out and fill out this survey? It will only take two minutes”

This worked! Apparently, using the word help worked and people would actually take their own personal time to fill out the surveys.

We always start our services with our clients by first understanding their needs and target market. This can be difficult if the company that we are working with has a huge market. Instead of going through a hour of back and forth calls, we simply ask, “Help me out real quick, could you tell me about your current customers and the future customers that you are trying to target?”

Again, this was extremely effective and allowed us to close deals a lot faster than expected.

Provide help on forums/boards/Quora

We always hear about how startups grow their business through answering questions on Quora, forums, and boards.

Being active on these forums will not only help you grow your brand equity, but as well as growing your brand’s trust. You can also provide help to people who are already seeking for an answer within your product’s niche. Treat others well, be helpful, and other people will help you as well.

Another powerful place to provide help on are slack channels. There are a lot of Slack communities out there that’s related to your niche and you should take full advantage of it.

That’s it ya’ll. Simple. Add the word help to your sales calls and prospecting emails and you’ll be surprise at how much customers will appreciate it.

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Author: Wilson

Wilson is a 3x entrepreneur and founder of GrowthOK. He loves and breathe entrepreneurship, growth, sales, and has a strong passion for crypto and blockchain related topics. You can follow him on Twitter @itswilson8

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