Sales calls could be the best thing ever. You get in a call with a potential customer, explain to them your product/service and close the deal. Both parties walk away with a benefit. The hard part is what to say during the call to create a sense of urgency and to explain to them why they need to use your product.

Like any other B2B business, we tend to get in a lot of calls. I’ve noticed that there are a few questions that always come up during the calls. We also realize that it doesn’t matter if you’re selling SEO services or a high-end SaaS product, the same questions occur.

How are you different from…?

I’m pretty sure anybody that hops on sales calls often hears this question a lot. We hear this often as well, but honestly this is my most favorite question. Why? Because I know my own company in and out and I know my competitors pretty well too. Like Sun Tzu mentions in the Art of War, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you’ll win a hundred battles”

The best way to answer this question is by simply going over your strong points. What makes your company special. If there’s nothing, then talk about how you’re smaller and more agile than them. You’re team is willing to bust their ass to provide quality work and will actually listen to their feedbacks.

Not only do you need to know your competitors well, but you need to know the customer that you are speaking with as well. This is why sales is so powerful because you can actually explain the customers pain points back to them. You can always ask a few questions during the call to try and gather a better picture of what they would like to see as an ideal solution.

How does this work..?

The first question that comes up in a call usually is, “So, tell me how does this work?” This is your elevator pitch. This is what’s going to keep the person interested in a call. You should know your product in and out. The sales person doesn’t need to understand exactly how to use your product. For example, if you’re selling a developer tool, then most of the time the sales guy won’t understand every little detail of the product, but he should at least have a strong understanding of the overall product itself and most importantly, what sells.

This is also why hiring the correct person is key to success. You want to hire someone who sold things related to your product before and more importantly, another product that has a similar deal size.

It’s best to practice this part as much as possible. Sell the benefits and not the good to have solutions. Another great way to practice this is by having two sales reps practice this between each other. Keep it short and simple.

What kind of results can I expect?

This is one of the most difficult questions because results vary between company to company. For example, if we’re providing leads for an agency, the conversion rates will definitely be lower vs a company that has a low freemium SaaS product.

The most important thing to do when facing this question is by not overpromising. Instead of talking about high end results, give the potential customer actual results from other companies in the same range. One of the biggest reasons churn occurs is because the sales rep oversold the product.

Results aren’t going to be the same for everyone and that is okay. Be straight with them and let them know what they can expect, that way it doesn’t hurt your brand down the line when you cannot provide the correct amount of results.

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Author: Wilson

Wilson is a 3x entrepreneur and founder of GrowthOK. He loves and breathe entrepreneurship, growth, sales, and has a strong passion for crypto and blockchain related topics. You can follow him on Twitter @itswilson8

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