We’ve been receiving a good amount of inbound request lately from users that use to use Hunter.io for their Linkedin integration.

Don’t get me wrong, Hunter’s an awesome tool and even without their Linkedin integration, it’s still an awesome tool and really affordable.

There are a lot of alternatives that you could use instead of Hunter.io and everything has their pros and cons.

Obviously, as the founder of GrowthOK, I would have to say that GrowthOK is a good alternative to Hunter.io, but let’s talk about the basics for lead generation.

Quality and Quantity

When it comes to purchasing a list of leads, you have to ensure that you have both quantity and quality.

You can’t just have one, you need both as you scale up your sales team and sales process.


Quality is super important. If you’re going to be paying for a list of leads, then you want accurate and updated information.

What’s the point of purchasing a list of leads if 15% of them will bounce?

What’s the point of purchasing a list of leads if 15% of the contact information isn’t updated?

People leave companies or move onto new ventures all the time. This means that their contact information change. Especially in a rapid startup world, people can change companies in as little as a few months.

Tools like Hunter.io , Builtwith, and other lead database holds a database of leads that haven’t been updated in a long time. This makes the quality not on point.

You can expect a little over 60–70% correct information at most.

Hunter.io and similar lead generation tools return you a contact email and then charge you for it.

Nowadays cold email requires a lot more effort than just a mass mail merge email blast. You need to create multiple touchpoints with the prospect which includes calling and personalized follow ups.

Tools that only return you with a contact email cannot provide you with additional information such as a “recent press mention” on the company. Most tools like Hunter.io also cannot return you with their phone number for follow ups.

This is where GrowthOK is different. We can provide you with ANY custom data points that you need to make your outreach more personalized and on point. That way you can achieve better results and higher response rates due to the personal touch.


This is where tools like Hunter.io stands out. It can provide with you a bulk quantity of emails for an affordable price.

Most list building tools can do this, but the downside is that most of these tools will eventually get hit by the sites that they are scraping and eventually get shut down, just like Hunter.io did.

That makes it impossible for you to scale up. If you’ve put all the time and effort to train your team on using a tool like Hunter.io and it gets shut down, then that means you’ll have to spend time and resource on finding a new tool and train your new staffs.

The solution for this would be to search for a solution that can scale up with you and won’t get shut down. This is where a managed service like GrowthOK is better.

Advanced Filtering

Most lead generation tools can provide you with basic filtering and basic data returns, but they cannot go above and beyond to find you the best data for your ideal customer profile.

Let’s say for example you’re a pricing intelligence platform that targets e-commerce sites built on top of Shopify.

You choose to use a tool like Builtwith to find a list of sites using Shopify. You’ll get some accurate information, but then you’ll have to do a TON of grunt work on researching and filtering to narrow down the sites that are still active, the ones that are doing decent revenue, and then use another tool like Hunter.io to find their contact information.

That is an unnecessary 3 step process. You can simplify this process by using GrowthOK because we’re able to do all of those for you on the backend and you’ll get the list that you need.

Now what if you want competitor data? For example, companies that are using your competitor’s software? Hunter.io would not be able to provide you with that at all.

GrowthOK, on the other hand, can do that and will find you the most accurate and updated contact infos along with it.

Customer Support

Customer success is key to every single type of business. Most tools have somewhat of an “email support”, but won’t walk you through targeting new sectors or changing the criteria for your list.

When using a managed solution like GrowthOK, you’ll be able to always have someone to speak with incase you need to change something.

With that said, I hope everyone that is interested in finding an alternative for Hunter.io will reach out and give GrowthOK a try!

Author: Wilson

Wilson is a 3x entrepreneur and founder of GrowthOK. He loves and breathe entrepreneurship, growth, sales, and has a strong passion for crypto and blockchain related topics. You can follow him on Twitter @itswilson8

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